Empire Brings Irish Spirit To Springfield

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Empire Brings Irish Spirit To Springfield

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A public relations detachment, led by Lord Vader, was welcomed in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Springfield Missouri on March 15th, 2008. The Emperor commanded to instill the love of the empire and the 501st into the citizens of Springfield through music, candy, and photo ops. Not entirely understanding the orders Lord Vader had an E-web attached to the float to instill fear, but still had the music and candy. All in all the group was still well received.

The brave troops attending this event included: Matthew Bakeberg (TC-8947), Robert Brill (SL-2774), Keith Davis (ID-2197), Todd Evans (TX-8633), Joshua Gann (TK-1730), Norm Hackett (TX-2094), Karen Keen (DZ-7887), Brandon Lauthern (TK-1730), Andy McCormick (TK-2166), Faron Morales (TK-1423), Charley Norton (SL-6241), Tony Pierce (DZ-6994), Gary Schaeperkoetter (IC-8631), Steve Schaeperkoetter (DZ-7221), Curt Stanfill (ID-1161), Brian Steele (SL-9633), Alex Wheeler (TB-4807), Milissa Wheeler (TI-2482), Ral Wheeler (TD-0488), and Jeff Woodward (BH-5333).

Photos from this event may be viewed at http://www.70thexplorers.com/event_pics/2008_St_Pats/ .