Anovos ANH Stunt Build

Progress reports on costumes
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Re: Anovos ANH Stunt Build

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Okay. I open to advice at this point. I am making some small corrections to the shins and thighs. Basically, the sniper knee is scrapping against the thigh and the rivets on the ammo belt on the right thigh came off. So, while those are drying, I decided to take a picture of the top portion which is finished (I hope.) I am asking the group for 2 things.

1. Any corrections that need to be made? I know the shoulder bells are too far from the chest and there is a large gap between the kidney and ab pieces, but the goal is basic approval and not EIB or Centurion. Baby steps here. So, please be critical and if you require any close up pictures, I can produce those upon request.

2. This is mainly for the GMLs if they are reading this. I need to know if the resolution on the pictures is fine? I live alone, so I am basically doing this by myself. I used my iPhone 6 to take the picture, so I want to make sure the resolution is good as well as the lighting.

Thank you in advance for all of your input.


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Re: Anovos ANH Stunt Build

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Resolution on the pictures looks fine. Just make sure you get close ups of anything that may not be totally visible in your submission pics. I.e. Belt, helmet shots, stuff like that.
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Re: Anovos ANH Stunt Build

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Looks good. If you need help when it comes time to taking the submission pictures I should be able to help. Im in topeka too.
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