Firefly costume club

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Firefly costume club

Post by Crix »

Hello everyone!
This is Crix from the Nar Shaddaa Base and Midwest Garrison (IL).
Obviously I am Huge Star Wars fan like the majority of us, but I have another love. Firefly!
Being a member of the 501st and Rebel legion for around 2 ½ years, doing about 125 troops, sometimes I need to mix it up.. Wear different costumes so I don’t get too burned out..

One of the best reactions I ever got when not wearing “Star Wars”, was when I wore Jayne from Firefly.
It was a lot of fun and reminded me of times when I first joined the 501st and RL.
It was at a local Con in Chicago called Cyphan. There I meet 3 other people wearing “Firefly” costumes a Captain Mal, River, and Wash. We were a huge hit.

I wanted to do this at more cons.. So I looked for a group, club, whatever, similar to the 501st and RL, but with Firefly. I could not find one that dealt with the whole firefly verse. The one I did find, only did the “independent army” costumes. I could not find any others.

So… I started one. :)

It’s called “The ‘Verse” a Firefly/Serenity costume club.
Its pretty small right now. Just getting started.
also on FB ... 9512712275

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the boards and FB. Talk about Firefly/Serenity costumes, offer ideas, suggestions, post pics, whatever…

Hope to see some you there!
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Re: Firefly costume club

Post by merrick »

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