Pre-Suit Darth Vader INFO

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Pre-Suit Darth Vader INFO

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Thanks to Primrodo aka Justin M. for providing this detailed explanation of the pre-suit Darth Vader costume. I hope this helps all of our pre-suit Vaders out there. Good luck and happy building. Please report any broken links.

First and foremost - This costume contains no visible black - all materials are shades of brown. This has been discussed and proved by photos and many eye-witness confirmations. The debate is over.


(Warning: some pictures are of a Higher resolution)

Promotional Shots ... -wan_2.jpg
h[url]ttp://[/url] ... walker.jpg

Movie Stills/Behind The Scenes
h[url]ttp://[/url] ... biwan7.jpg

Celebration 3 and Exhibit


Padawan's Guide:
My Online Album: ... sp?a=19502


Anakin’s costume in Revenge of the Sith is easily one of the more rabidly debated costumes out there. As the debate rages all we have is quotes and pictures to go by.

Trisha Biggar's description of the costume from Insider and the Newsletter reads:

“Anakin Skywalker clearly has the most profound transition from the prequel to the original trilogy, but the evolution of his Jedi robes from Attack of the Clones to his garb in the new installment is more understated than his future look of dark armour. ‘We changed his cloak shape, and gave him a new slightly more Jedi-like cloak this time,’ says Biggar. ‘We changed his colors, and we darkened them all down, hinting at what he's going to become. Although he was quite dark brown before, there were some lighter aspects. This time, we've really taken shades of dark brown to give him a dark outline even though he's still a Jedi.’ “ -Courtesy of the Padawan's Guide

The costume is comprised of several pieces, with detailed information on fabrics, patterns, and construction tips below.

Outer Tunic
Inner Tunic
Cloth Tabards
Leather Tabards
Utility Belt

- Outer Tunic -

The Outer Tunic uses a type of waffle crinkle cotton and like all Jedi costumes is based off the same robe/GI look and pattern. The Outer Tunic is brown, a deep brown, but brown all the same. There is no set pattern for the costume as of yet, though there are numerous patterns and suggestions given out for the tunic, but you still have to modify it.

First of all there is both a waist seam and shoulder sleeve tucks present. Second, the right sleeve isn’t a full sleeve either. After talking with some of the costume people at C3 along with the LFL employee present I found out that under the glove is a black (yes black) scrunchy elastic material to keep it comfortable for Hayden.



Simplicity 4450 or Simplicity 5840


Many like to use crinkle cotton or a gauze fabric in order to give it an appropriate texture and pattern. While at C3 many noted the most interesting thing on the costume and that was that it held a more waffle-like pattern and was quite thick. Whereas this isn’t something easily found it is still something worth looking into apart from my own previous find in Taiwan, if you want more information on how to get undyed accurate fabric please PM me.

- Inner Tunic -

Not seen entirely but still important is the Inner Tunic.

There are 2 methods of making this piece. First, you can make the part as accurately as possible, including full sleeves and all, however you can also simply make one sleeve end and a “dickie” for the Neck.

The fabric is interesting and has a unique texture as well (See reference below). It is slightly browner than the Outer, resulting in a very darkred look, and very thin and light…and trust me you will want it to be very thin and light.

Looking at the following pictures you will also see that pending the lighting condition in the natural pictures and the colour corrected promotional pictures that the fabrics shift in colour. When choosing your palette I would be sure to stick with any natural lighted photo like from C3.



(Like before)


I am still on the hunt, but keeping in mind it carries a very thin and wavy texture; this should help in finding a great substitute.

- Cloth Tabards and Obi -




Using the same fabric as the Outer Tunic you will find this part the easiest part to make or have made for he costume.



There are no patterns for these mostly because they are so simple, but there are a few notes to keep in mind.

Tabards: These are 4 pieces with a waist seam at the waist. This is evident due to the direction of the texture, however many think they are curved. Try both and see which you prefer but if you use crinkle cotton be aware that the fabric texture will change direction.
Also the tabards hang below the belt and obi in the front but not in the back.

Obi: A basic rectangle that is overlapped and Velcro’d at the back. Anakin’s has the wrinkles sewn right in, creating the illusion of a natural Obi.


Use whatever you use for the Tunic.

- Leather Tabards -

One of the most prominent features of Anakin’s costumes is his tabards. These have the same shape and look as the cloth tabards; however they extend at the back and have a seam at the top of the shoulder. These are also a very deep brown colour.

One note as well about these is that they DEFINITELY have a waist seam as you can see in the following reference, though its not my best ref. Look above “Revenge”

REFERENCE PHOTOS ... -wan_2.jpg


I always push for real leather as it breathes and sits and weighs right, however many have gotten fantastic results with pleather and vinyl. Try a few things, but leather is definitely the way to go!

- Pants -

Brown Pants…. Nothing really of note here however I have found the best for my use has been Dickies Work Pant. They photograph lighter and darker depending on the lighting conditions.

- Robe -

Definitely the most documented part of the Jedi costume, the robe offers some difference in Anakin though.

First, the gathering on the hood extends from end to end and it has a “pleat” on either side of the opening.



Simplicity as mentioned above


Finding good wool can be both hard and very warm… Any wool blend or thickness should be great!

- Utility Belt -

The Utility belt is one of the more simplest parts of the costume, with some practice you can even learn to make it yourself.

Main Belt

The main belt is made up of a few basic parts and I will be putting up a tutorial this fall to show how to make one. The belt is of course a deep brown and is made up of four parts.

The first part is the main belt itself measuring 2.25” and has dual score lines at the edges, it is secured by over lapping the belt and attached with Velcro, though some prefer snaps. Hiding the joining of the belt is a loop that is also 2.25”

Next up is the accent belt that measures 3/4" or 0.75” and it sits in the middle of the belt with 1 score line out lining the belt. Also there are 2 accent belt “keepers” to hold the accent belt from the buckle.

The Buckle is a hard part to find, for his length of time of running had the exact ones used in the movie, finding close ones are simple enough, feel free to ask if anyone has any extra

Lastly there are the 8 nickel plated button stud rivets that keep that accent belt in the center of the main belt.


There are 3 pouches on the Anakin belt, and each is completely unique. There are 2 in resin and one full leather one.

Starting with the ribbed Episode II styled one, which is currently not produced by anyone, though one Anakin costumer is working on them and I will be posting info on that in the next month.

You can also get a very similar pouch in leather by Rein One. PM me for details.

The next pouch is the all new red-brown one that Obi-Wan also wears. Same deal as the ribbed one, I am also working on this. And unfortunately there is no substitute right now.

Lastly the leather pouch, which is a boon to those Anakin costumers who like a place to put keys, cards or anything. The pouch as seen in the reference pictures is a simple fold over leather pouch with score lines running through it and a hidden snap.


The final bits to add on the belt are the food pellets and the Covertec clip.

Covertec clips can be found on Ebay and various sources, they are the most reliable and best to use!

From Parts of “They are simply the cap from a Staedtler Liquid Roller Point Pen with a 7/16" diameter hemisphere, available through Engineering Models, Inc., capping the open end. The whole thing was then painted either a silver, a gold/ brass, or copper color.”

There is 8 food pellets on Anakin’s Revenge costume. Two gold, silver, copper, and gunmetal.

Gold and Gunmetal are on the left side of the leather pouch and silver and brass on the right side. The other four are right on the other side of the belt.


- Glove -

This is perhaps the coolest part of the costume, and with being the coolest finding a good accurate reproduction is akin to finding a needle in haystack. There are a few makers of the glove, and I personally am working on this as well, which will be unveiled here of course.

One alternative is to use and modify the Rubies Adult Anakin glove. It will take a little effort and work but is totally do-able. I have personally seen one that looks excellent and all the lady did was take it apart bring in the fingers and of course puff out the 3 bracer areas.

Of course you could also make your own glove to, though this can take a lot of work, it is possible and those that have done it feel free to right a mini tutorial and I can post it in here.

REFERENCE PHOTOS ... %20088.jpg ... %20097.jpg

- Boots -

The boots are one of the more crucial elements of the costume, and again hard to get accurate.

Motorcowboy is the leading maker of an alright version of the boot, however Master replicas is bringing out a half decent boot for approximately $399 US.

There are some who have made their own versions using a leather shoes and making the leg spats and straps them selves. I have seen great boots done this way



The hair is probably the easiest part of this costume, being that you only really have 2 options.

First option is of course to grow your hair out and style it for events and whatnot to resemble Anakin.

The second option is to get a wig. The best place for a wig in this particular hairstyle can be found here:

walruslord recommends dunking the wig in water shortly before putting it on to give it that 'stressed Anakin' look.

- Lightsaber -

This is the last part of the costume and there are three paths to go from.

First you can buy the master Replicas LE saber: ... p?pid=8376

Secondly you can get one custom made by a machinist, this an be costly or very difficult to find a machinist willing to make one.

Lastly you can convert a Graflex, which is the by far the cheapest and simplest way to do this. What you need to gather is a new control strip, an end cap, the Covertec wheel and textured tape. Many like doing this and I am sure those that have done this can post images and contact information on where to acquire the parts.

Also the Anakin ROTS FX saber is ideal at conventions and events as everyone gets a kick out of glowy sticks that make sound There are many dealers that sell these.


Silv has a great album set up here:
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I have some good information for anyone interested on how to go through with this costume as far as getting the glove, lightsaber, scar make-up, or anything. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions.
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