Here we grow again...WELCOME OUR 78TH MEMBER

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501st Legion Member
501st Legion Member
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Here we grow again...WELCOME OUR 78TH MEMBER

Post by Rallyral »

On behalf of the CO of the 70th Explorers, it is my pleasure to officially introduce our 78th member. Please welcome TX-6406, Kevin Brower, from Springfield, MO. He has a great looking TX.

TX-6404 Move out to the field and await special orders from Lord Vader!
Ral S. Wheeler
70th Explorers Garrison

Tar Ral
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Post by mrivorey »

Christopher Moody,
Garrison Webmaster
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501st Legion Member
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Post by DarthBarbieDoll »

Welcome aboard! :) It was very nice to meet you at Planet Comicon.
Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon, Squad 6
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TK-1161 Curt
70th Explorers Garrison
70th Explorers Garrison
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Post by TK-1161 Curt »

Welcome to the family Kevin. :)
Curt Stanfill
TK-1161 / ID-1161 / DZ-1161
Gateway Squad
70th Explorers Garrison
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Post by kbfett »

Welcome other Kevin!
Ken Beckwith
TK/TC/BH 6555
70th Explorers Garrison

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Post by TK2774 »

Salutations. Another Sprinfield person. Woohoo. Great buch to troop with.
Robert Brill
501st Legion
360 Gamertag: Brill TK2774
"It is not the costumes that make us great, but us that make great costumes."
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Post by judge_hellfast »

Apparently there's some sort of high-toned and fancy to-do up at the fort, eh?

Welcome aboard, mate.
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Post by Terry19d »

Welcome to the 70th, Kevin. :) I for one am glad to have another Special Ops trooper to help pave the way for the rest of the Imperial forces.
Terry H.
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70th Explorers Garrison
70th Explorers Garrison
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Post by TK1423 »

Right on, welcome to the garrison!
No Worries...~...Laughter is good medicine...~...Happiness is a choice

Faron Morales
70th Explorers Garrison
Star Garrison (honorary)
TK 3181
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501st Legion Member
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Post by TK 3181 »

Brandon Lauthern


**Crushing the Rebellion...LIKE A BOSS!!**
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Cmndr Falken
70th Explorers Garrison
70th Explorers Garrison
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Post by Cmndr Falken »

Tony Pierce
Gladstone, MO
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Post by TX8633 »

0_0 :lol: HOWDY!!! 0_0 :lol:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

Todd Evans
Ozark, Missouri

501st Legion -
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Garrison Captain of the Guard
Garrison Captain of the Guard
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Post by Dwootan »

Welcome !!!!
Dave "Hot Dog" Wootan
AR - 9668
Firehawk Squad
Garrison Captain of the Guard

In umbris potestas est
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501st Legion Member
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Post by standtrooper »

I can't believe I missed this.

I've known Kevin for over 16 years and all I have to say is:
There goes the neighborhood... no really, like cheerleaders sweeping through a hostess store... gone all of it.

Norm! This is all your fault isn't it!!!!! I'm coming over to your house to get my ass kicked (can't miss it)!

Welcome Kev!! I'm sure trooping with you will be as interesting as knowing you has been :twisted:
Don't forget to "Give it up for a Trooper",

JLo Hoff Trooper
70th Explorers
501st Legion
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Post by rebelbuttkicker »

Does this mean more explosives? :lol:
Incognito Trooper
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